SMALL TIME OBSESSION is the feature film debut of writer/director Piotr Szkopiak. Distributed by Guerilla Films, it received a UK theatrical release and is available on DVD. It was also selected to play In Competition at the British and Irish Film Festival, Cherbourg, France and as part of the UK Film Series in New Zealand. It is represented overseas by Screen Media Ventures and was launched internationally at the Cannes Film Festival by J&M Entertainment. Territories sold to date include Australia, Spain, the Middle East, Greece & Cyprus, Iceland, Turkey, India, China, the Czech & Slovak Republics, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Romania & Bulgaria, Hungary & Poland. It is the first-ever feature film to be set in the UK’s Polish community and the first-ever feature film to be made by a British-born Pole.



At some point, we all make decisions that may change our lives forever. Now, Michael Korczynski (ALEX KING) and the friends he has known since childhood have reached just such a point in their lives.

Born in South London of Polish parents, Michael and his friends have grown up in two cultures and, as a result, their sense of community and the bond between them as friends are both uniquely strong. Michael has his heart set on training and racing greyhounds at his local stadium but is under pressure from his father (JUREK JAROSZ) to take charge of the family delicatessen. Steve (OLIVER YOUNG) is an orphan with a passion for classic cars and John (RICHARD BANKS) is a talented musician struggling to come to terms with his depressed mother.

Both out of loyalty as friends and the need to earn money to keep their dreams alive, all three do work for amiable wide-boy, Chris (JASON MERRELLS), who seems to be heading inevitably towards a life of crime. This is further underlined when Chris forms a relationship with small-time villain, Geordie (GEOFF LAWSON), who is, in turn, trying to manoeuvre himself into the established underworld. Unsettled by Chris' increasingly criminal ambitions, Michael becomes torn between loyalty to his friend and his own needs and desires which include an, as yet undisclosed, infatuation with Chris' long-standing girlfriend, Ali (JULIETTE CATON). However, when Michael overhears Ali telling Chris that she is pregnant and Chris denying his responsibilities, he is incensed and decides to make a stand.

Intent on doing the right thing and saving both Ali and his friends from Chris' continued influence, Michael confronts Chris after a job they do for Geordie almost goes disastrously wrong. However, believing Michael to be over-reacting, his friends side with Chris and Michael is left even more isolated. As Ali tries to make sense of her own feelings, the two lost souls inadvertently meet and Michael's love for Ali is revealed. When this only succeeds in making matters worse, Michael is left to resolve the situation alone. He must now either stand his ground or walk away. For the first time in his life, he has to make his own decision and then accept the consequences.

Ultimately, what both Michael and his friends learn is that to truly succeed in anything, you have to have faith in others as well as yourself.